Matthew 7:13 "Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. “

Jesus told us to enter through the narrow gate for wide is the path that leads to destruction. What is this narrow gate? I believe it is a selfless life where God and those around you are considered as more important than yourself. Jesus lived this life perfectly. He is the perfect example of a life lived in the Narrow gate and should serve as the goal we strive for.

I believe that for us to progress as a species we need to enter this gate together, but we can't do it without Jesus. Jesus is the key to us progressing and becoming who we are meant to be in the universe. Many idealized individuals have pursued this noble goal only to give up when faced with the realization that self sacrifice is the only effective approach to changing the world.

But where is our hope now? Well, for a lot of people it rests in technology and science. Maybe technology can save us from hunger and sickness, depression and drug addiction. I believe it can't. I believe that people are hoping for technology and science to allow us to avoid the necessary sacrifices of the narrow gate. There will always be new discoveries that promise to make up for some lacking part of our lives but it will never compare to what we could do now if people everywhere decided to follow Jesus and put God first in our lives. The holes in our lives are there from our own and other's sinful natures and the resulting sinful actions. Technology can't fix that.

I have hope in self driving cars to prevent many or most of the 30,000 deaths per year in the US caused by accidents. I think it will be great. But I think it would have been better if people had lived more selflessly and considered safe driving as crucially important to the well-being of society. I know people who have died and people who suffer daily as a result of others who took their driving responsibilities lightly. That is entering through the broad road that leads to destruction.

This example is not meant to shame or ridicule but to show people that we are sinful and that we need Jesus to save us from our own natures.

Every new piece of technology has the potential to help and to hurt. I believe that in the proper context, technology is great, but without Jesus in our hearts to guide us towards wisdom and love, technology will never play its proper role and will be abused.

As a christian I am often accused of living contrary to evidence. But I believe I have evidence that Jesus is alive and living in my heart. This isn't something I can prove to you but it is something that I am comfortable believing as I have experienced enough in this life to convince me that true change is only possible through faith in Jesus Christ.

I have also been told that science trumps faith but how can science change the human heart? Science needs to pass through many hands before it gets to me and I have to trust that those hands were pure and selfless, putting my good above their reputations and their careers. I have to trust that the people involved honestly and accurately tested under the proper conditions, I need to trust that they properly interpreted the significance of the evidence and that they properly interpreted it's importance relative to other discoveries.

A better world has always been possible but we chose to ignore the necessary sacrifices. Our own natures are one of the biggest clues that we need God's salvation. Jesus stands at the door of our hearts and continually calls us to the free gift of salvation. Don't let the false hope that someday technology will save us keep you from finding true salvation today.